Can you help me building on my Maori Land?

If you have been granted occupancy for your Maori land then we can take care of planning your new home, the resource consent and building consent process. We even have experience attending Trustee meetings to outline what you intend on building and how to protect the integrity of the whenua before you begin building.

What is a licensed Architectural Designer?

A licensed Architectural Designer is someone who is qualified and licensed to provide drawings (plans) and specifications which are an important part of the building process as they are also part of your building consent application. Once the plans have been approved by Council the builder then uses these to build.

When would you need an Architectural Designer?

If you are intending on carrying out any building consented works such as;

  • Building a new home, batch or commercial property

  • Renovating your home

  • Adding another dwelling to your section

  • Re-cladding your home

  • Remedial weather-tight work

  • Relocating an existing dwelling on your section

When would you need floor plans?

If you are planning on doing any building work that requires a building consent. Visit your local council website for information on what type of work requires a building consent.